We've All Been Tricked Into Thinking This Reality Is Normal & Acceptable, It's Not. Your Anxiety Is Real & Bugging Out Is The Correct Response

by Simo Soo

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released February 19, 2017

All tracks written by Simo Soo except:
'Love Song' written by Simo Soo & Sissi Reagan and 'I See U' written by Simo Soo & Harry Moxham

Backing vocals on 'Klaus' by Bilby and Marcus Whale
Backing vocals on 'Shitty Speakers' by Lonelyspeck
Live drums on 'Love Song' and 'Shitty Speakers' by Simo Soo
Violin on 'Shitty Speakers' by Emma Misc

Additional production and vocal mixing on all tracks by Simo Soo
Additional vocal production on 'Love Song' by Margot Padilla
Additional vocal production on 'Shitty Speakers' by Lonelyspeck
Mastered by Simo Soo






Simo Soo Australia



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Track Name: Mountains (prod. WEET)
We've all been tricked into thinking this reality is normal and acceptable, it's not. Your anxiety is real and bugging out is the correct reponse
Track Name: Klaus (prod. Yon Yonson)
Yeah I been learning new things
Mood rings full of mood swings eating dreams
Yeah I been pulling off wings
Globe spins while I fly high beetle jizz
Do or die please try
DIY til 4AD starts knocking
Open up my third eye blind Seymour Hoffman
Pineal traveled through time via Joplin
Alien can blend right in with your kin
Look again you might not see me again
Long time coming my face will tell you when
Simo this is Simo you gon have to be friends
Before I'm in a coffin no coffee in the mornin
No drinking so often cos thinking's important
My anxiety constant but Ritalin just fixed that
Yo shout out Yon Yonson this beat's fucking awesome like

You think you know me but you don't know me like this

Email flux backwards for those that don't write back kid
Eating chunks of fireworks I'm so inspiring
You don't really know me but I never let you in
Catch you lecturing on how I'm sposed to live
Just because a job is easy doesn't mean it's charming
I'm paying all my bills with shows and then I'm eating ramen
I worked for everything no money and no PR
I never leave the house unless I'm playing a show
I'm feeling so strong and so large and so calm
I'm working on my craft chillin autobahn
Yeah I believe in you all of the things you do
Sorry bout those dudes they'll always lose but you don't have to
Take yourself up to the top I'm picking scabs and picking locks
I wanted to say that you are totally beautiful and that's a truthical
And not a hot take your reality's your own don't take on other people's mistakes

I'm wasting my time on you
Track Name: Love Song ft. Sissi Reagan (prod. Bistro)
(Sissi Reagan)
See you on the weekend, baby that's fine
See you on the weekend, long as you're mine

(Simo Soo)
Ey we got some shit to do I'll love you from a distance
Get my mind fixed thank you for the experience
And yeah you been sick but we can fix this
Just gimme five minutes and I'll go get us some chippies
And I'm dripping like our shit taps
Water bill through the roof but we can fix that
And you're so cool and I'm so chill
Hanging from the ceiling feeling like I'm a gargoyle
Gargamel cos we're gonna make lots of gold
And we don't like the dudes in the blue they're so cold
Yeah we're a fable now fill up PayPal
We'll travel the world we are unstoppable
Just you and me we're our own universe
Smellin good eatin good emoji surf
Let's get to work so we can break this curse
We're not our parents and we're not of this Earth

(Sissi Reagan)
More than a friend for more than a minute
Love you tomorrow love you today
Gotta make some time and space
What we got never need to race
See you in the morning, time away bore me
Love at a distance, hard to feel
Gotta get used to it as long as the future briefs
Push and a pull, gravitational knowing
Land me so cool
Where am I going? Away for a while
Strengthen our case, time feels wide

(Simo Soo)
I'm glad you said yes when they said 'Yo go to rehab'
Look at all that we have, yeah we're fucking killing it
I spent a year with a therapist, he played me like a theremin
And now we got a better plan
No more solo reprise, we've grown Andre three size
Blonde mermaids with the XXX, feeling AAA secretariat
Running with the horses got me nauseous
They'll never let us down cos we're so fucking gorgeous
No question I really want ya
If ants were my love there would not be enough
Always be honest, we're totally weirdos but we got this
No need for exorcists, I'll be Princess Mononoke for your forest
Track Name: Shitty Speakers (prod. Spaceboy Neil)
Pump this out your laptop with those shitty speakers
Punk this between us don't ever repeat this
Play this at the club to those weekend tweakers
I'm unique I need this don't wanna keep this secret

Put me on your playlist, I'm amazing, it's frustrating
My heart is breaking and I'm feeling oh so underrated
Yeh all I do is work, my dad was such a jerk
I look for constant validation in the eyes of all these strangers
I'm feeling totally rejuvenated on a new leaf
I do things I'm kooky never imitating I'm so spoopy
I'm so spooky at the crossroads with Britney
Feeling floopy skull and crossbones on this city
Spent my youth thistin' more when I should been Gordon
I'm a loner I'm a rebel man this shit's not important
I didn't need no one when I was in LA
At the Gossip party yelling 'fuck you phoneys'
I'll always be that tiny child proving to myself that I'm worth shit
While I'm working and playing shows or chillin with some chill kids
I grew up sleeping on my best friend's floor
I'm through the wire man, cos I can be more

So productive cos I never thought that I would live this long
Output trapped on laptops behind passwords saved in Ableton
Hours spent on TMI so this doesn't spiral
My cables are vital they stop me being suicidal
Queer as fuck never gonna stop, puke on all the cops
Cheer me up, ice cream on face, Guwop
Sleepwalk and wake up in the bathtub
Making out and listening to 2Pac
Smoking weed in your mom's garage
Shoutout my best friend who died in high school that was so fucked
Bowie died they gave him one week of airplay
How I'm sposed to be remembered when it's that way
At my funeral I want Skrillex to DJ
Then shoot me into space like the Oddysey baby
Track Name: Ropes (prod. Jewish Goddess)
I learnt the ropes
Prodigy on the piano
I learnt the ropes
Yeah I'm oh so good at basketball
I learnt the ropes
Laptops forever no guitars
I learnt the ropes
Right now on the microphone

Never settle for a Bronson yeah always be a Ghostface
Spaceghost DVD yeh all up in my bookcase
Shout out to Meatloaf in the Spice World movie you inspire me Sporty Spice with my vitamins
Only time for practise wassup Lonely Kids Club
Sorry to all my friends u should know that it's all love
Hope my Insta likes make up for my absence
Green fairy like im absinthe
I want my abs big like im Bieber
Best believer im a Belieber kid

You are amazing you are totally important
Always remember you are magical
Simo Soo got your back unless you whack but probably chill
I'm only thinking bout my future from now on
Dirty Sprite cos i spilt my soda on the floor
My hair too pretty for a cap or a fedora
Mi nombre es dora I'm an explorer of space and time

I learnt the ropes
Prodigy on the piano
I learnt the ropes
Yeah I'm oh so good at basketball
I learnt the ropes
Laptops forever no guitars
I learnt the ropes
Right now on the microphone

Catch on the court yeah I'm totally good at basketball
All my haters know that I'm totally trained in classical (woah)
Simo Soo is your new best friend (woah)
And we can dance til the world ends
Gemini twin like I know this
Tattooed on my wrist super serious
Danny Devito in my genes like a compass
When I die throw me in the trash