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Written by Simo Soo
Produced by Yon Yonson
Additional production by Simo Soo
Backing vocals by Bilby & Marcus Whale


Yeah I been learning new things
Mood rings full of mood swings eating dreams
Yeah I been pulling off wings
Globe spins while I fly high beetle jizz
Do or die please try
DIY til 4AD starts knocking
Open up my third eye blind Seymour Hoffman
Pineal traveled through time via Joplin
Alien can blend right in with your kin
Look again you might not see me again
Long time coming my face will tell you when
Simo this is Simo you gon have to be friends
Before I'm in a coffin no coffee in the mornin
No drinking so often cos thinking's important
My anxiety constant but Ritalin just fixed that
Yo shout out Yon Yonson this beat's fucking awesome like

You think you know me but you don't know me like this

Email flux backwards for those that don't write back kid
Eating chunks of fireworks I'm so inspiring
You don't really know me but I never let you in
Catch you lecturing on how I'm sposed to live
Just because a job is easy doesn't mean it's charming
I'm paying all my bills with shows and then I'm eating ramen
I worked for everything no money and no PR
I never leave the house unless I'm playing a show
I'm feeling so strong and so large and so calm
I'm working on my craft chillin autobahn
Yeah I believe in you all of the things you do
Sorry bout those dudes they'll always lose but you don't have to
Take yourself up to the top I'm picking scabs and picking locks
I wanted to say that you are totally beautiful and that's a truthical
And not a hot take your reality's your own don't take on other people's mistakes

I'm wasting my time on you