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Written by Simo Soo & Sissi Reagan
Produced by Bistro
Additional production by Simo Soo
Live drums by Simo Soo


(Sissi Reagan)
See you on the weekend, baby that's fine
See you on the weekend, long as you're mine

(Simo Soo)
Ey we got some shit to do I'll love you from a distance
Get my mind fixed thank you for the experience
And yeah you been sick but we can fix this
Just gimme five minutes and I'll go get us some chippies
And I'm dripping like our shit taps
Water bill through the roof but we can fix that
And you're so cool and I'm so chill
Hanging from the ceiling feeling like I'm a gargoyle
Gargamel cos we're gonna make lots of gold
And we don't like the dudes in the blue they're so cold
Yeah we're a fable now fill up PayPal
We'll travel the world we are unstoppable
Just you and me we're our own universe
Smellin good eatin good emoji surf
Let's get to work so we can break this curse
We're not our parents and we're not of this Earth

(Sissi Reagan)
More than a friend for more than a minute
Love you tomorrow love you today
Gotta make some time and space
What we got never need to race
See you in the morning, time away bore me
Love at a distance, hard to feel
Gotta get used to it as long as the future briefs
Push and a pull, gravitational knowing
Land me so cool
Where am I going? Away for a while
Strengthen our case, time feels wide

(Simo Soo)
I'm glad you said yes when they said 'Yo go to rehab'
Look at all that we have, yeah we're fucking killing it
I spent a year with a therapist, he played me like a theremin
And now we got a better plan
No more solo reprise, we've grown Andre three size
Blonde mermaids with the XXX, feeling AAA secretariat
Running with the horses got me nauseous
They'll never let us down cos we're so fucking gorgeous
No question I really want ya
If ants were my love there would not be enough
Always be honest, we're totally weirdos but we got this
No need for exorcists, I'll be Princess Mononoke for your forest