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Written by Simo Soo
Produced by Spaceboy Neil
Backing vocals by Lonelyspeck
Violin by Emma Misc
Live drums by Simo Soo


Pump this out your laptop with those shitty speakers
Punk this between us don't ever repeat this
Play this at the club to those weekend tweakers
I'm unique I need this don't wanna keep this secret

Put me on your playlist, I'm amazing, it's frustrating
My heart is breaking and I'm feeling oh so underrated
Yeh all I do is work, my dad was such a jerk
I look for constant validation in the eyes of all these strangers
I'm feeling totally rejuvenated on a new leaf
I do things I'm kooky never imitating I'm so spoopy
I'm so spooky at the crossroads with Britney
Feeling floopy skull and crossbones on this city
Spent my youth thistin' more when I should been Gordon
I'm a loner I'm a rebel man this shit's not important
I didn't need no one when I was in LA
At the Gossip party yelling 'fuck you phoneys'
I'll always be that tiny child proving to myself that I'm worth shit
While I'm working and playing shows or chillin with some chill kids
I grew up sleeping on my best friend's floor
I'm through the wire man, cos I can be more

So productive cos I never thought that I would live this long
Output trapped on laptops behind passwords saved in Ableton
Hours spent on TMI so this doesn't spiral
My cables are vital they stop me being suicidal
Queer as fuck never gonna stop, puke on all the cops
Cheer me up, ice cream on face, Guwop
Sleepwalk and wake up in the bathtub
Making out and listening to 2Pac
Smoking weed in your mom's garage
Shoutout my best friend who died in high school that was so fucked
Bowie died they gave him one week of airplay
How I'm sposed to be remembered when it's that way
At my funeral I want Skrillex to DJ
Then shoot me into space like the Oddysey baby